The first day…

Getting_Started_FinalMarch 5, 2015 – Today is definitely the first day… not sure where this may lead, but one thing is for certain – I’m trying my darnedest to just follow… follow the gentle proddings of the Holy Spirit.. Why? Many months ago, I reached out to a brother in Christ at my church – Durham Evangelical (or as we like to call it DEC) and asked him to be my mentor – he accepted, but family and personal issues prevented us from actually getting started… until about January of this year.

The gentleman who has decided to come alongside me, Jim Hilton, is a pillar of a man! Rock solid in his love of Christ, humble, full of wisdom and eyes that completely sparkle when discussing a faith walk – we are on a journey! The platform we began with is a study of the Holy Spirit… A gift from Christ to accompany us through life, guiding us along His path. Funny isn’t it that most of us (yes even Christians) pay little attention to His gently prodding. Well, I’m learning to “hear” those quiet nudges and these pages are where I’ll continue to follow.

Glad you stopped by – excited to have you along as I learn how to do this so please chime in – feedback, suggestions, ideas, rants are all welcome!

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